Cleansing Bar

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Infused with Calendula & Rosemary Tea and Created with a base of Cocoa, Tamanu and Shea Butters, I originally set out to create a Yoni bar. But then I thought a lot of people possibly would bypass this product thinking it’s just for yoni use. This unisex bar has multi purpose uses. Face, body, hair. I use this on my Scalp and Locs after heavy training. 
I’ve added Moroccan Red Clay to help detox skin and hair by pulling out toxins. It also helps with acne and razor bumps and even out the complexion. Clay also gives this bar an awesome slip for shaving, so men can use this as well. Men will discover this bar to be a nourishing softening agent for their beards. 
Calendula and Rosemary are two powerful herbs to help soothe and nourish the skin, and relieves minor irritations.