Herbal Loc Spritz

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Consists of Roses & Lavender and great for refreshing hair and skin. spritz Lightly and follow up with our Organic Hair Serum to lock in moisture.

Great for starter Locs, This herbal mist can be used to replenish moisture in dry brittle hair. Can be used daily to rejuvenate Locs and calms dry itchy scalp Without flaking or buildup. I have used this product in conjunction with my hair oil for strong healthy, moisturized Locs  

Ingredients: Rosewater, Lavender Water, Aloe Juice, Tea Tree, Rose, Lavender, Rosemary Infused Oils, Glycerin, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Essential Oil & Herbal Blends 

4 Oz Amber glass spray bottle 

Directions: Shake well and spritz hair daily or every other day depending on how much moisture your hair needs. For those with loose natural hair, mist lightly and seal in the moisture with my Organic Hair Growth Butter.