About Veronica

I'm Veronica, a massage therapist and Reiki Master. I started out creating body lotions, butters, and salves for my clients many years ago. Just think it all began when I ran out of lotion I purchased from the store. I had some Mango Butter and Grapeseed oil, tossed it together and created a balm. I didn't have time to whip it up! Long story short, my client absolutely adored how it made her skin feel. From there I started whipping up my own creations and using on all my clients. 

In addition to my creations I've integrated Reiki into my practice while working with the moon phases. Infusing Reiki, the moon, and intention, makes for positive healing. Everyone has always told me I have a healing touch. The healing energy of Reiki balances chakras, alleviates anxiety and promotes sleep. For more information regarding Reiki, visit vhealingtouchmassage.com.

Thanks for visiting, be on the lookout for more holistic products!